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Latest News

April 2014

David's K1 Watch to be Sold at Auction

David's K1 pocket watch is due to be sold by auction on 21st May 2014 by Gardiner Houlgate at The Bath Auction Rooms The K1 will be catalogued in their Specialist Watches sale.

For detailed pictures and videos of the K1 please go to the Gallery or Video pages of this site.

More information to come soon.

May 2013

David's TV Appearance on Four Rooms

In 2013 David appeared on Four Rooms, broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK. Presented by Anita Rani, the show allows anyone with something specialist, interesting, valuable, collectable or antique to come along and present their item(s) to sell to four high profile dealers. But there is a twist to the show. Participants can choose the order that they see the dealers, if they reject an offer, they can't go back!

David appeared on episode 9 on 14th May to present the K1 watch. He saw expert watch dealer Tom Bolt as well as Wendy Meakin, Maurice Amdur and Shaun Clarkson.

If you'd like to contact David with comments on the show and his watches, please email

Welcome to my Website

I am a fully Qualified Watchmaker, having served my apprenticeship from leaving school, most of my working life I have been self employed, servicing and overhauling watches for the trade in my own workshop.

Somewhere along the line I found the time to design and make two pocket watches,
K1 & K2
featured on this site, the only parts I did not make were the springs, and jewels, except for the pallet jewels which I did make along with every other part, I did not use the skills of any other craftsman.

The watches are not easy to make out from the photographs, but K1 is a ratchet tooth English lever, with two main springs. I carved in wax and cast sturdy little men to hold the jewels, as bridges, the case is Silver with three generations of Watchmakers depicted on the back.

After K1 I felt I had to make something more interesting, a little smaller, and prettier, as described in the articles, with K2 being a club tooth Swiss lever, a Silver case with a swan carved on the back, and four oval windows in the sides to see into the movement.

It is now 2012, I have been on the bench 48 years and I am just about to start K3, watch this space, it could be a long wait!